Elon Musk, the talk of the town these days, came with an idea in 2016. The concept related to finding a solution to the annoying traffic around Los Angeles. Well, we have seen the common people suffering from the traffic and getting annoyed. Almost all of us want to solve this issue, but no one is eager to take the initiative. For a man of Elon Musk’s stature, this thought of his was welcomed by the masses. To start the proceeding after evaluating all the pros and cons of his idea, he incorporated a company named The Boring Company to build tunnels throughout LA. Some time back Musk released glimpses of his underground transformation of Los Angeles. Unlike its name, this idea of his is the most interesting to have come out of his kitty.

Its Goals make it an ideal option

Plans of the company include building 30 layers of tunnels in the city which will be used to transport pedestrians and vehicles. This transportation will be done with the help of superfast electric sleds. A map uploaded on the official website of the company shows some red(first phase) and blue lines(2nd phase) lounging across the city. Both of them would have their purposes and features.

The company would be digging all the tunnels using its resources unlike the conventional method of outsourcing this task, and this makes the name of the company more relatable.

Costs Involved

The per-mile cost involved in boring the tunnels is estimated to be somewhere around $10 mn, and it is just a fraction of similar subway projects completed previously by the government agencies. With both effectiveness and efficiency, the boring machines are expected to work at a cheaper cost and providing better quality as well. It is undoubtedly going to influence some huge transformational changes in traffic management worldwide. The company would dig 14 feet long tunnels which is one of the cost reduction areas.

The Vision

Aiming big is always the first step to achieve a big goal. The company is looking for the magnetic-based system which would be used to connect cities with a broader aim of reaching the highest speeds and consequently reducing the time taken to travel between distant cities of the US. Reducing traffic not just for the present but also opening the gates for future explorations is what makes this a sound project and idea though still a farfetched one.

The tech usage

For a big idea and that too by a man who has excelled in the field of technology, a blend of current and future tech trends was a must. Musk wanted to change the current 2D infrastructure with its 3D counterpart. They have tested the Hyperloop technology under which The Boring Company successfully sends a passenger pod at a speed of 190 mph via test tube. This was also the fastest run with the hyperloop tech. There are several other technologies to be used under the project. The boring machines would be running via electric power rather than diesel. Safety is of top importance for the company as is reflected from their idea of safety automation.

The company named its first boring machine “Godot” and also received some government approvals last year which has given a further boost to the already high morale of Musk and his company.

Yes, there are many problems in the way but not without solutions. For earthquakes, the company has made arrangements like making tunnels too deep for tremors to be felt. Electric skate method is what the company would use to transport the equipment of gas burning which would ultimately lead to a cut in environmental emissions. The dirt generated from the construction would be made into bricks for construction support as stated by the company.

For an idea to be made into reality, there has to be a proper roadmap, and The Boring Company is having a grand plan for a Grand problem of traffic and congestion. The company is going strong and is sure to see more light of the day in the coming months. With the Boring Company, Musk has made the solution to the traffic problem an interesting one.